William P. Alston (1921 – 13 September 2009) was professor emeritus at Syracuse University, and made influential contributions to the philosophy of language, epistemology and Christian philosophy. He earned his PhD from the University of Chicago and taught at Rutgers University and the University of Michigan. His views on foundationalism, internalism versus externalism, speech acts, and the epistemic value of mystical experience, among many other topics, have been very influential. Like most American philosophers, Alston is counted among the analytic philosophers.

Together with Alvin Plantinga, Nicholas Wolterstorff, and Robert Adams, Alston helped to found the journal Faith and philosophy and the Society of Christian Philosophers. With Plantinga, Wolterstorff, and others, Alston was also responsible for the development of "Reformed Epistemology" (a term that Alston, an Episcopalian, never fully endorsed), one of the most important contributions to Christian thought in the twentieth century. Alston was president of the American Philosophical Association in 1979 and was widely recognized as one of the core figures in the late twentieth-century revival of the philosophy of religion.

Professor Alston died at his home on Sunday, 13 September 2009.


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