Sadvipra is a term coined by the late Indian philosopher and spiritual leader P.R. Sarkar to describe people beholden to a sentient philosophy of life that makes them moralists. Sarkar believed that the role of Sadvipras was to accelerate social change when society was caught up in the stasis of exploitation as per his theory of social evolution, Law of Social Cycle.

Prime duty of moralistsEdit

"The prime duty of sadvipras, says Sarkar, is to ensure that no person or class exploits other persons or classes. To achieve this may require a revolution - maybe physical, intellectual, or by contesting elections - the mode required during the era of capitalist domination." [1]

Creating moralistsEdit

To create such moralists, Sarkar founded the socio-spiritual movement Ananda Marga in 1955, which focuses on the practice of inner development, through meditation and self-less service.


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