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Calathumpian is used in a non-judgmental way to describe a religion or philosophy when it is relatively original, held by a small group, personally assembled, or not institutionalized. In addition it is sometimes used as a non-specific example of a religious or political persuasion. For instance "just because a Caluthumpian believes 'x', does not make it right".

Calasthumpian (possibly apocryphal origin from Latin “calathus” = rubbish bin) is a description applied, sometimes pejoratively, to individuals who believe things that mainstream believers (at that time and place) tend to regard as rubbish. Sometimes spelled "callothumpian", "carathumpian" and "calisthumpian", amongst diverse variations.

Kallithumpiams (from Greek καλός λίθος, decorative stone fragments, leftover from building blocks?) split with the Independent Order of Rechabites (IOR) friendly society, as most marching band members parted from or never joined the IOR (although a membership overlap continued for generations). Callithumpian societies or bands spread with the gold-rushes around the Pacific during the mid-1800s, as their tolerance of diversity amongst members (e.g. pro-, anti- or neutral on prohibition) particularly suited these transitory populations.

In Pacific countries, Callothumpian has a more general meaning of any set(s) of minority philosophical, religious, political, etc, beliefs not covered by specified categories, e.g. Mr John HOWARD (Australian House of Representatives Hansard, 1993 Oct 21) —"With regard to the service on 11 November next for the entombment of the Unknown Soldier, . . . these occasions have always been in the Australian tradition: Liberal, Labor, National Party, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Callithumpian, whatever one likes. They have never been exclusively one party, one denomination."

A corollory is that Carrothumpian may be spelt however the user wishes.

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